John began playing the piano at the age of 5. While being active in church music throughout high school, he also trained classically. He continued his education after high school and graduated with a Bachelors in Music in 2002. Desiring to inspire more people to become active in music ministry, John has sought to teach others. John taught music while a student in college and then went on to educate in churches, Christian schools and as a professor in two colleges as well. He has been a music director in several churches, training choirs and individuals to use their talents for God. 

Through the years John has arranged many sacred numbers for piano, always endeavoring that the message of the song never be lost, and that one can "hear the words" through the piano. John's desire is that each one of his arrangements direct the listener to exalt the Savior, and that each song will draw the listener closer to their heavenly Father. 

In recent years, John has expanded his compositions to vocals, both choral, instrumental and solo compositions. He also has developed a recording studio out of his home to provide an outlet for people to record conservative traditional albums economically. If you are interested in recording or commissioning a composition please contact him using the contact section on this web page. 

John resides in White House, Tennessee  with his wife Susan and their three children.